Winter Driving

The winter checklist- the essential driving equipment during the cold months

You’ll be more than aware that winter has well and truly arrived. This creates its own set of problems for motorists.

Although the majority of drivers won’t get stuck this winter, with the weather being so unpredictable at the moment, you never know what’s around the corner. In view of this, the winter checklist below should go some way to ensuring you are as prepared as you can be for winter motoring.

Inside, it is a good idea to keep the following items:

  • De-icing equipment – with the weather being so cold, the vehicle can ice-up very quickly. Having de-icing equipment to hand will help to clear the windows if the need arises.
  • A first aid box – a basic first-aid kit is always a good thing to have in the car.
  • Food and water – a bottle of drinking water along with a couple of chocolate bars would be good. If you get stuck, it’s vital to keep fluids and blood sugar levels up.
  • A torch – if you need to change a wheel or walk to an emergency phone in the dark, a torch could prove invaluable.
  • A blanket – as well as keeping you warm if your car gets stuck in the snow, a blanket could help you get free again. Placing it under the wheels will help them get a grip on snow or ice.
  • A spare mobile phone battery and charger – the time you really need your mobile phone will be the time its battery has run out.
  • A warm coat and gloves – in case you need to exit your car in freezing temperatures.

In the boot of the car, it is a good idea to keep:

  • Screen wash – in winter, you will use far more screen wash during each journey to wash away the salt and grit that’s spread on the road surface.
  • A pair of wellies – in case you have to get out and walk any distance in the snow.
  • A hazard warning triangle or similar – if you breakdown in a dangerous spot, use a warning triangle to give other motorists advanced notice that you’re there.
  • A tow rope – this will provide the opportunity for you to be pulled out of trouble. Of course, you might even be able to come to the aid of other road users if they get stuck.
  • Spare bulbs – although it can be extremely difficult to replace light bulbs on some modern cars, a spare set is always useful. Spare fuel – just in case your journey takes much longer than expected or filling stations are closed due to the poor weather.
  • A high visibility jacket – if you need to exit your vehicle and the weather restricts visibility, wearing a high visibility jacket will help other road users to see you.

This is far from being a definitive list. However, if something does go wrong and you find yourself stranded, you’ll be glad you stocked up on these basic items before starting your journey.

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  1. this is a great idea, especially with all the bad weather we have had recently

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